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Apollo Sprayers HVLP Finishing systems


Apollo sprayers HVLP compact spray unit

APOLLO SPRAYERS USA turbine powered HVLP spray system

APOLLO HVLP SPRAY UNITS Since 1966 Apollo Sprayers International have been leaders in the field of low overspray HVLP products for the finishing industries. For more than 48 years, Apollo HVLP Sprayers has designed technologically advanced, innovative, environmentally positive, user friendly and award-winning Apollo sprayers HVLP Turbospray systems, HVLP spray guns and accessories to meet the exacting requirements of a broad array of industries around the world supported by knowledgeable and experienced technical support. The HVLP premium USA-made products benefit the industrial and professional finishing markets as well as serious craftspeople and the cosmetic UV Sunless market.Systems are available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 stage turbines either in 240 or 110 volt ( pressure fed cart units also available ) . Their spray guns are engineered using STAINLESS STEEL for all wetted parts together with the use of  NO o-rings. The 7500 series spray gun is suitable for use with either this HVLP spray unit or a stand alone HVLP air spray gun, Gravity, Suction or Pressure fed ,Experience 80%-90% TE (Transfer Efficiency) and a cleaner work environment with Apollo Sprayers Turbospray HVLP spray systems, the easiest to use HVLP spray finishing systems available.  Apollo’s gentle warm dry turbo air ensures no moisture contamination in your finish or your work. . Apollo sprayers international – true HVLP innovators since 1966. Contact Mason Morley for further information 0113 253 8681 for Apollo sprayers HVLP

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