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Electrostatic Painting Equipment

Graco Electrostatic Painting Equipment


Graco Electrostatic painting equipment now includes the new Graco Pro XP electrostatic paint spray gun , the XP is a complete line of air spray and air-assist electrostatic painting equipment that are smaller, lighterand designed to maximize your profits. A wide variety of gun models to fit all of todays production needs. Operator Friendly with a smaller, lighter weight gun, no heavy power cord and an ergonomic handle. State-of-the-Art-Technology with Smart Controls for analyzing performance, adapting voltage needs and troubleshooting. Superior Spray Performance with new Air-Assist tip lines and air cap designed to deliver high quality finish. Built-in Dependability with durable components supported by a 3 year warranty. Maximize Profits with high transfer efficiency and reduced material usage.

The 40 kV Booster gun gives you the transfer efficiency of a 60 kV gun, in a smaller, more compact size. The longer fluid tube on the High Conductivity (HC) lets you spray lower resistivity material. Pro Xp40 Air Spray electrostatic gun line is available in Standard, High Conductivity and kV Booster models. Pro Xp 60 kV air-assist gun is the smallest and lightest electrostatic air-assist gun on the market – delivering a consistent, high quality finish every time you spray.

Pro Xp60 Air Spray gun  includes Standard, Smart, High Conductivity, Round Spray and Waterborne models. The additional gun models combine the benefits of material savings and excellent finish quality into a smaller and lighter gun body, making it easier to spray. Pro Xp85 kV air-assist gun maximizes transfer efficiency and lowers cost of ownership.

Pro Xp85 Air Spray electrostatic gun line includes Standard, Smart and High Conductivity models. Demonstrations available on all electrostatic painting equipment , please call with your requirements.

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