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Can crushers

can crushers

UCC-20 5ltr Can Crusher

can crushers

UCC-25 25 ltr Can Crusher











can crushers save money and reduce the amount of space taken up in your skips. This simple and easy to use way is a must when disposing of empty cans and containers. Crushers range from 5ltr , 25 ltr , 30 ltr and 200 ltr capacity . all pneumatically operated.

price list for 2015 as follows for Can Crushers:


Model    Description                    Trade Price

UCC-20 Pneumatic up to 5 ltr £poa FOC carriage

UCC-25 Pneumatic up to 30 ltr £poa FOC carriage

UCC-30 Pneumatic up to 50 ltr £poa FOC carriage

USB-9 Electro hydraulic barrel crusher, 200 ltr capacity £poa FOC carriage



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