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Graco President

graco president

Graco 30:1 Air Powered spray unit


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The Graco President Medium production airless or air assisted airless paint sprayer unit, capacity 23:1 through 46:1 fluid ratio. Carbon steel or stainless steel wetted parts, most common used unit was the 30:1 Ratio and is still in use throughout the painting and fabrication industry around the globe.
Graco President pumps Primarily used for medium viscosity materials, such as airless spraying primers and anti-corrosive paints and air assisted spraying of top coats and glosses .The Graco President is no longer produced by Graco , however  Mason Morley Ltd stock a vast selection of spare parts for the president spray unit , seal kits , filters , pump rods , cylinders , air motor seal kits , spray hoses , guns and replacement air regulators. Mason Morley can refurbish and service your existing Graco President spray units , please call for advice or a quotation on Leeds 0113 2538681 .

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